Budget Desert Safari for 25 AED only

Searching for the Budget desert safari in Dubai? Your search ends at Desert Safari Dubai… Find the most affordable safari and enjoy an exhilarating experience in the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the great thrills offered by the exciting safari and gather a splendid experience offered to you at costs that well suits your budget. The incredible safari at unbelievable rate is organized on a daily basis and you can choose to enjoy the experience any day as per your convenience.

The Budget evening desert safari in Dubai consists of adventure session, entertainment session and lavish Barbeque dinner fare all planned to offer you an eclectic experience in the evening hours. You will be picked up from your hotel or destination or from the city location by professional drivers in air-conditioned vehicles and reached to the desert locale where the adventure sessions are planned. At the end of the safari, you will be dropped back at your hotel or destination by our professional drivers. The costs of the facility are mentioned below.

Find the low costs of the Budget desert safari in Dubai 2020!

  • Reach the desert locale and pay only 25 AED per person.
  • Costs inclusive of pick up from our city locations: AED 50 per person.
  • Costs inclusive of pick up from your location: AED 80 person

Surely, you can afford it!

Wondering on the inclusions of the evening desert safari? Find the best inclusions and relevant information of the safari disclosed below to whet your curiosity…

Highlights Of The Budget evening Safari With BBQ Dinner 2020 Dubai

After the professional driver reaches you to the desert locale, the adventure session commences. You can enjoy multiple adventures such as camel riding, dune bashing or driving across the desert scapes exploring it, sand boarding and quad biking. Try out all the adventure activities as they are different and belong to the desert terrains. You certainly do not want to miss out on unique adventures, do you…?

Are you new to desert adventures? Welcome to the pulsating adventures session planned in the desert locales to offer you splendid thrills. You can commence your adventure activities with a relaxing ride on the camel back. Camels are the carriers of the desert terrains and they are domesticated since early years to carry travellers and goods across the desert stretch. You can be seated comfortably on the camel back and traverse the desert scapes, truly enjoying your ride. Camel riding is among the safest adventures; men, women and even children can enjoy the experience. The trained camel will squat on the instruction of the professional guides and you can easily climb on its back and be seated comfortably. As camels are the tamest creatures, you need not have any apprehensions on your safety and enjoy your safari experience well.

After camel ride, your introduction to desert adventures, you can plan dune bashing which is greatly thrilling. Professional drivers will expertly race up and down large sand dunes offering you a pulsating experience in the desert terrains. You can be seated with the seat belts fastened in air-conditioned vehicles and safely enjoy the thrills of dune bashing.

Follow your dune bashing experience with sand boarding or quad biking – both adventurous solo activities. In sand boarding, you can fix your foot on sand boards and zip along the dunes. If you are unfamiliar with the experience, seek the instructions of the professional guides and learn the activity. Practise for a while till you get it right. There are absolutely no chances of getting hurt as the loose sands will support your fall in the unlikely circumstance. With some practise, you will learn to glide down rapidly along the large sand dunes and enjoy every bit of your experience.

After your sand-boarding adventure, you may be charged for more thrills… We have the best offerings for you. An exciting quad-biking adventure – eclectic off-road motor driving experience to experiment in the desert stretch of Dubai… You can ride four-wheeled quad bikes across the desert scapes and enjoy great thrills. Traverse the desert terrains in quad bikes and have a differential experience. A safe and exciting adventure option. Your guides will deliver instructions on riding quad bikes and you can follow it.

If you considered the desert terrains to be a boring domain lacking excitement and adventure, you are under misconception. In fact, your desert safari experience will prove the desert terrains to be the ultimate thrills-stations offering great excitements and exhilaration. The adventure session is merely one of the best inclusions of the desert safaris. You have an entertainment session and lavish barbeque dinner to enjoy in the safari. At the end of the adventure session, you can head to the campsite where the entertainment session and lavish barbeque dinner are arranged.

You are welcomed to the camp site with traditional Arabic beverages and refreshments. You will need to be recharged with some good food and drinks after the great adventure session. You will provided unlimited soft drinks and mineral water to hydrate you during the safari session. Ensure that you intake plenty of fluids and remain rehydrated while engaging in adventure activities.

With the oldest desert safari operators offering you a great adventure option, you can enjoy the safe thrills at lowest costs and have a rewarding experience. All the adventures are confirmed to be safe and you can freely enjoy a delightful experience seeking thrills and entertainment at the safari.

Enjoyed your adventure session well? Now, look forward to the entertainment session that will delight you in the evening hours. You can also enjoy Shisha smoking and women can opt for henna tattooing. Skilled ethnic women tattoo ornate henna designs on your palms, hands and foot. Henna designing is among the oldest Arabic practices common in the Middle- Eastern regions. You can also experiment such traditions that belong to the Arabian weddings during your evening safari.

Don’t miss out on the splendid entertainment included in the safari. An awesome performance by the professional belly dancers are the best inclusions for your wonderful evening. You can watch the incredible belly dancers and Tanoura dancers perform brilliantly in the entertainment session of the evening safari. Meanwhile, you can enjoy Shisha smoking as you watch the great entertainment shows in progress.

Famished at the end of your splendid evening? A piping hot, delicious barbeque dinner buffet is the final offering of your grand safari evening. Have a feast with the delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare served in the barbeque dinner and enjoy a host of delicacies.

After a grand feat of barbeque delicacies, the grand evening concludes… You will be dropped back at the hotel or destination by our professional drivers.

With the splendid evening exhilaration available at unbelievable prices, book your safari soon!

Budget Desert Safari Dubai 2020

Following are some tips for this Tour :

  • There are fabulous discounts offered for groups and bulk bookings. So, plan the safari with your friends groups and have a riot!
  • The safari experience is absolutely thrilling and safe, there are no cautions involved as the tour is organized by the most experienced and oldest safari operators in the Middle East.
  • Caution: Pregnant ladies, patients with mobility issues and senior citizens can refrain from the safari tour. On special requests, we plan arrangements and special facilities that will help them enjoy the experience.
  • The desert safari tour operates on a daily basis and you can enjoy the experience at total affordability based on your convenience.
  • The evening safari is best option for your experience as it includes entertainment session and lavish barbecue spread.
  • Ideal adventure option for the entire family, work groups or corporate planning excursions for their employees.
  • Keep yourself hydrated during the tour as unlimited soft drinks and mineral water will be offered to you during the safari.
  • Avail VIP services, alcoholic beverages and special Shishas at extra payment.

There are no elaborate procedures to follow for booking the incredible and cheapest evening safari. Simply contact us for your requirements.

Budget desert safari 25 AED only in Dubai
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Plan a splendid evening in the desert spaces with the evening safari inclusive of Barbecue dinner and great adventure session. You will simply love the experience planned in the evening hours. Complement your eventful evening with a delicious barbecue dinner served piping hot at the end of the safari. Here are the best inclusions of your choice of safari…

Following are included in this Tour :

  • Pick up and drop facility
  • Multiple adventures
  • Desert Driving / Dune bashing in 4WDs (Toyota Land Cruiser)
  • Sand-boarding
  • Camel Riding
  • Quad biking
  • Beautiful sunset view and picture opportunities
  • Welcome Arabic Coffee and Tea / sandwiches on arrival at our Bedouin desert campsite
  • Unlimited soft drinks, mineral water to hydrate you in the desert terrains
  • Arabic costumes for souvenir pictures
  • Henna Tattoos Painting
  • Smoking Shisha (Arabian Water pipe / hubbly bubbly)
  • Entertainment session: ⬥ Enchanting Belly Dance entertainment / ⬥ Tanoura Dance Show
  • International and Arabic Barbecue Buffet dinner, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian with BBQ fare
  • Arabic Sweets and fresh fruits.
  • Lavish Barbecue dinner spread with veg and non-veg delicacies
  • Photography in traditional Arabic costumes
  • Alcoholic beverages / quad biking / Special Shisha / VIP services available with extra cost.
  • Total duration of the safari is 6 to 7 hours of delightful experience

Following is the schedule of this Tour :

  • Pick up timing: 03:30 pm from Dubai location
  • 04.30 PM reached our desert meeting point
  • 04.30 to 05.00 PM desert dune driving
  • Multiple adventures:
  • 05:00 to 05:30 PM reached the desert camp site
  • 05.30 PM beautiful sunset view and picture opetunities
  • 05.45 PM unlimited Sand boarding experience
  • 05:45 to 06:00 PM Camel riding
  • 06:00 to 06:30 PM Henna painting
  • 06:30 to 07:00 PM Shisha smoking
  • 07.00 to 07:30 PM Tannoura Dancing
  • 07:30 to 08:00 PM Lavish Barbeque dinner spread with veg and non-veg delicacies
  • 08:00 to 08:10 PM Photography in traditional Arabic costumes
  • 08.10 to 08:40 PM Belly dance
  • 08:40 to 09:00 PM Fire dance show
  • 09:00 to 09:45 PM back to your respective places

Following is the Price Per Person :

  • Pickup from our desert location 20 AED per person
  • Pickup from our city location 50 AED per person
  • Pickup from your location in Dubai and Sharjah 80 AED per person
  • Evening desert safari with BBQ dinner private land cruiser 600 AED (maximum 7 people in a car)
dune dinner

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